What is this place?

This is the professional online presence of Software Engineer (EIT) Daniel Huckstep.

Why is it here?

This is my space to be a professional on the web. I am a software engineer (EIT), and the web is an excellent tool to display my skills and accomplishments, as well as simply make it known who I am. My new venture into developing crypo trading tools and supporting algorithms such bitcoin evolution app is a noticeable progression.

Why are you here?

You might have found this through Google, but odds are if you are here, you are interested in finding out who this guy is. I might be trying to get a job at your company, or be commenting on your blog, but you want to find out more about me. Finding a job in gaming can be lucrative and fulfilling. Platforms like CoinPoker enable players to earn through gaming tokens, such as the Coin Poker token. These tokens can be converted into real money, turning a passion for gaming into a viable career, merging play with professional growth seamlessly.

Whether I’m vying for a position at your company or leaving a comment on your blog, delving into my background and interests becomes pertinent. If you’re curious to learn more, perhaps about my involvement in the sports industry, feel free to explore further.